Safety Case Partnership

From 1st April 2024, every in-scope building that you are responsible for will need to have a Safety Case in place – and you could be asked for a copy of this by the Health and Safety Executive at any time after that date, with just 28 days’ notice.

Currently, there are limited resources in place within the industry to help with the production of these vital documents, and it takes far longer than 28 days to produce one. So you need to act now to ensure that the buildings you are accountable for have the necessary Safety Cases in place.

If you are unable to provide a report when asked, there is a very real risk of serious personal consequence to you and your business - from negative PR and potential loss of revenue, through to fines and even a criminal conviction. The reports also allow for open dialogue with residents, which makes building safety matters understandable through proactive engagement.

You simply cannot afford to put this requirement to the bottom of your priority list. Leaving it any longer may be too late.

Safety Case Partnership

As the regulatory landscape evolves, so does our approach to building safety. With the April deadline now a marker in history, SCP continues to guide your compliance, ensuring your Safety Case meets current and future standards.

Change is the only constant in our industry, and embracing it keeps us ahead. Together, we'll navigate through the complexities of safety standards, ensuring that your practices remain exemplary and proactive.

Your reputation and the trust of those you serve are paramount. That's why we focus on maintaining a Safety Case that's not just compliant, but transparent and engaging, fostering understanding and confidence in building safety.

True safety compliance is an enduring endeavour, not a one-off checkbox. With SCP-Ltd, regular Safety Case reviews and proactive updates are part of our commitment to your ongoing safety and compliance.

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